11-year-old Girl Drummer, Nandi Bushell, Finally Joins Foo Fighters on Stage

“It Happened!!!,” Nandi Bushell wrote on the YouTube video shot by her dad which tallied 1.1 million views this week.

In her grunge flannel shirt, the 11-year-old drummer took the stage at the Los Angeles Forum to finally meet her rock star idol in person—and play alongside Dave Grohl and his world-renown Foo Fighters.

Nandi accepted the invitation and traveled with her parents from Ipswich, England, where she’s been playing since she was five-years-old.

It was a bright spot during the pandemic in August 2020 when she made a video challenging Grohl to an epic drum battle during lockdown.

Her drumming is so superlative that multiple friends of the former Nirvana drummer were texting him, saying he had to respond with a video of his own.

Over several weeks they went back and forth with dueling videos, and in September, Grohl, a Grammy Award-winning singer, drummer and guitarist, penned a song just for Nandi, the wunderkind who also plays guitar and bass. (The video is incredible, with Dave’s daughters, hereby known as “the Grohlettes,” joining him as back-up singers.)

On August 26, near the end of the California show, Dave introduced the girl who had initiated their drum-off by playing her cover version of the Foo Fighters hit Everlong. Now it was time to join the big boys playing that song for the encore.

The crowd began chanting ‘Nandi. Nandi. Nandi.’

“It was EPIC!!!,” she wrote on her Twitter page.

Her dad, John, who was screaming for joy throughout the video from the side of the stage, was truly living the Everlong lyrics as he was hearing them:

And I wonder… If everything could ever feel this real forever.
If anything could ever be this good again.