John Lynch seems to confirm that 49ers plan to use both Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance

On Wednesday, 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo seemed to inadvertently disclose that, if he’s the starter, he’ll be leaving the field periodically for Trey Lance. Since then, 49ers G.M. John Lynch seemed to confirm that.

Appearing on KNBR, Lynch explained that the 49ers have refrained from using that approach in the preseason, in order to keep regular-season opponents guessing.

“[I]f we are in a situation like that, yes, it’s difficult to prepare for,” Lynch said, via “We haven’t shown a lot in the preseason as well in terms of the things we can do with both Trey and Jimmy. But that’s not only for us. That’s league wide. You really don’t know, going into the first couple of games, what you’re going to see.”

The 49ers clearly want to force opposing defenses to be ready for both players.

“That is something that we kind of are looking forward to, the amount of time that people are going to have to put in, preparing for each quarterback,” Lynch said.

That still doesn’t mean Garoppolo will be the Week One starter. While it seems to be pointing that way, everything is subject to change. The preseason finale will give the 49ers another data point before Week One at the Lions.

“We’re still looking for the answers, and we’re going to throw these guys out there a little bit on Sunday and see if we find out a little more,” Lynch said. “You just take in as much information, and you see who gives us the best chance.”

The 49ers seemingly hope that will be Lance, given what they gave up to get him. If it’s Garoppolo, expect to still see plenty of Lance.